www.CatFunStore.com | List of Products http://www.catfunstore.com/ Current product information from www.CatFunStore.com en-US Copyright 2019 CatFunStore.com Sun, 21 Apr 2019 17:48:11 -0500 Kikkerland Cat LED Ballpoint Pen, Black (4421C) http://www.catfunstore.com/kikkerland-cat-led-ballpoint-pen-black-4421c.html Retractable ballpoint pen with sound and super bright LED light. Press down on head to make meow sound. Black ink. http://www.catfunstore.com/kikkerland-cat-led-ballpoint-pen-black-4421c.html Cat Dancer http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-dancer.html First time on CD for this 1983 album from vocalist Sandy Stewart featuring guest appearances by none other than Stevie Nicks. Nine tracks. http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-dancer.html Webkinz HM222 Silversoft Cat Plush Animal http://www.catfunstore.com/webkinz-hm222-silversoft-cat-plush-animal.html Webkinz HM222 Silversoft Cat Plush Animal http://www.catfunstore.com/webkinz-hm222-silversoft-cat-plush-animal.html Oh My Cat by Dog Generation - Eau De Toilette Spray 1.7 oz - Women http://www.catfunstore.com/oh-my-cat-by-dog-generation-eau-de-toilette-spray-1.html It's a fragrance made for cats and there owners, with top notes of mandarin, bergamot and rosewood; a heart of olive leaf ( a feline favourite, which can only be detected by cats) jasmine, magnolia, freesia, cedar and sandalwood. With base notes of musk, amber and vanilla. http://www.catfunstore.com/oh-my-cat-by-dog-generation-eau-de-toilette-spray-1.html Powershovel Holga K202 White Cat 35mm Camera Superheadz http://www.catfunstore.com/powershovel-holga-k202-white-cat-35mm-camera-superheadz.html The White Cat Holga is not just a camera, it's meow producing light up Toy Cam designed to attract your feline friends. A favorite around the shop, especially with our kitten Gracie, the Shironeko comes in a stunning Can that you will want to display along with your collection of Toy Cameras. Shoots 35mm film, and has a button that makes the lights light up and the Meow sounds spurt from the camera.Lens: 35mm f/8 Shutter: 1/100 Film type: 135 format / 35mm Film advance: Manual Flash: Electronic flash Size: 13270x46mm Weight: 162gComes with strap, manual and packaged in a re-usable tin can!Lens: 35mm f/8 Shutter: 1/100 Film type: 135 format / 35mm Film advance: Manual Flash: Electronic flash Size: 13270x46mm Weight: 162gComes with strap, manual and packaged in a re-usable tin can! http://www.catfunstore.com/powershovel-holga-k202-white-cat-35mm-camera-superheadz.html Scarlatti: Sonatas for Harpsichord, Vol. 2 http://www.catfunstore.com/scarlatti-sonatas-for-harpsichord-vol.html Scarlatti: Sonatas for Harpsichord, Vol. 2 http://www.catfunstore.com/scarlatti-sonatas-for-harpsichord-vol.html Cats (1982 Original Broadway Cast) http://www.catfunstore.com/cats-1982-original-broadway-cast.html Andrew Lloyd Webber's adaptation of T.S. Eliot's poems may not have become Broadway's longest-running musical without the original cast to begin the raves. Which is why every aficionado of this theatrical classic will tell you that this is the one you have to own (although they'll probably tell you that you need the import Original London Cast album as well, the show having originated on London's West End and all). But this is the one with Betty Buckley singing "Memory"--the song that turned her into a star--and the two discs are appropriate for the musical that helped set off Broadway's "operatic" phase. The show is now also available--in its entirety--as a home video, but the music still stands on its own, though some cynics have wondered why so much music only produced one hit standard. <i>--Bill Holdship</i> http://www.catfunstore.com/cats-1982-original-broadway-cast.html 100ft Cat5E Certified Light Grey bulk cable - solid core http://www.catfunstore.com/100ft-cat5e-certified-light-grey-bulk-cable-solid-core.html This Cat 5e cable is great for wiring your Gigabit Ethernet or 100Base-T computer network. It's also an excellent telephone cable, particularly for use with DSL service. The grey PVC jacket bends easily and is easily removable for cable termination. Backwards compatible with Category 5 (Cat 5) cable, so you can mix this cable and Cat 5 cable in the same network. http://www.catfunstore.com/100ft-cat5e-certified-light-grey-bulk-cable-solid-core.html Flowmaster 17435 Cat-back System - Dual Rear/Side Exit - American Thunder - Moderate/Aggressive http://www.catfunstore.com/flowmaster-17435-cat-back-system-dual-rear-side-exit-american-thunder-moderate-aggressive.html For the person who wants the look of a traditional dual exhaust system with all the benefits that a Flowmaster cat-back exhaust system provides. D.O.R./D.O.S. systems are the perfect choice, and include exit pipes for both Dual Out Rear and Dual Out side configurations so that you can choose the one that fits your style. American Thunder systems deliver a moderate to aggressive interior and exterior tone and are suited to the enthusiast who wants their performance to be heard. Like all Flowmaster systems, the benefits include improved throttle response, power and mileage. Designed for an easy fit, these systems include all necessary parts and hardware for easy installation. W/Flanged Cat. Standard cab/Short bed only. http://www.catfunstore.com/flowmaster-17435-cat-back-system-dual-rear-side-exit-american-thunder-moderate-aggressive.html Cat & Mouse (Alex Cross) http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-mouse-alex-cross.html Alex Cross is back-and so is a raging and suicidal Gary Soneji. Out of prison and dying from the AIDS virus he contracted there, he will get revenge on Cross before he dies. In addition, we are introduced to a new pair of rivals whose paths cross that of Alex and Soneji. Thomas Augustine Pierce has been chasing his demon, Mr. Smith, since the savage murder of his fiancee. Mr. Smith is a unique monster, with actions toward his victims so insane-so unimaginable-that he is thought of as "not of the earth." Pierce, known in the business as St. Augustine because of his track record for catching killers and his invaluable status to the FBI and Interpol, may even be better than Cross.When things heat up and Alex is in a near-death coma following an attack in his own home, Pierce goes to Washington to help with the investigation. But just as he begins to piece together the mystery of how Gary Soneji could have mortally wounded Cross after he was believed to be dead, he is summoned to Paris with a postcard from Mr. Smith inviting him to a very special killing.The body count is high, the tension the highest, and the two killers on the loose are watching every move their pursuers make. Who is the cat, and who is the mouse? What and where is the final trap? And who survives? http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-mouse-alex-cross.html The Val Lewton Horror Collection (Cat People / The Curse of the Cat People / I Walked with a Zombie / The Body Snatcher / Isle of the Dead / Bedlam / The Leopard Man / The Ghost Ship / The Seventh Victim / Shadows in the Dark) http://www.catfunstore.com/the-val-lewton-horror-collection-cat-people-the-curse-of-the-cat-people-i-walked-with-a-zombie-the-body-snatcher-isle-of-the-dead-bedlam-the-leopard-man-the-ghost-ship-the-seventh-victim-shadows-in-the-dark.html Val Lewton, a famous RKO Radio Pictures producer, redefined the horror genre with low-budget, high-box office films. Now available are nine of these horror classics on DVD in the all new Val Lewton Horror Collection. Exclusive to the collection are a new documentary on the producer and 3 of the 9 films.<P><b>DVD Features:</b><br><b>Audio Commentary:</b>Greg Mank with Simone Simon on Cat People and Curse of the Cat People, Kim Newman and Steve Jones on I Walked With a Zombie, Steve Haberman with Robert Wise on The Body Snatcher, Tom Weaver on Bedlam, and Steve Haberman on The Seventh Victim.<br><b>Documentaries:</b>Shadows In The Dark: The Val Lewton Legacy<br><b>Theatrical Trailer</b><br></p> http://www.catfunstore.com/the-val-lewton-horror-collection-cat-people-the-curse-of-the-cat-people-i-walked-with-a-zombie-the-body-snatcher-isle-of-the-dead-bedlam-the-leopard-man-the-ghost-ship-the-seventh-victim-shadows-in-the-dark.html Sale - Egyptian Bastet Bast Cat Jewelry Trinket Box - Ships Immediatly !! http://www.catfunstore.com/sale-egyptian-bastet-bast-cat-jewelry-trinket-box-ships-immediatly.html Egyptian Bastet Jewelry Trinket Box - Style is often conveyed in the details. Perfect blend of practicality and luxury http://www.catfunstore.com/sale-egyptian-bastet-bast-cat-jewelry-trinket-box-ships-immediatly.html Bad Cat Wall Calendar 2011 http://www.catfunstore.com/bad-cat-wall-calendar-2011.html So bad . . . yet so funny. Based on the uproarious #1 <i>New York Times </i>bestselling book, it's a veritable hall of shame, packed with cats that take feline attitude to shocking extremes. Cats who tell lies. Cats in dumb hats. Cats up to no good when they think theyre not being watched. Plus lots of cross-eyed kittens, boozed-up cats, cats exerting dominion over the family dog, lazy cats, big fat cats, and cats that just don't give a damnand don't pretend otherwise. Included with the calendar are 12 fullcolor postcards so you can spread the crazy.<br> http://www.catfunstore.com/bad-cat-wall-calendar-2011.html Cat in the Hat Party Music - A Tribute to Dr. Seuss http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-in-the-hat-party-music-a-tribute-to-dr.html Cat in the Hat Party Music - A Tribute to Dr. Seuss<p><i>This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media. Amazon.com's standard return policy will apply.</i></p> http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-in-the-hat-party-music-a-tribute-to-dr.html Caterpillar CAT Diamond Plate License Plate http://www.catfunstore.com/caterpillar-cat-diamond-plate-license-plate.html This Caterpillar CAT Diamond Plate License Plate License Plate is made with the highest quality embossed aluminum thats available today! Lightweight and Durable - these tags are identical in quality to the state issued license plates we all are required to have on our vehicles. All License Plates are standard size 6" x 12" to accomodate any and all vehicles.This license plate will ship via First Class mail unless otherwise stated. http://www.catfunstore.com/caterpillar-cat-diamond-plate-license-plate.html HIC Porcelain Cat Sugar Bowl, 1 ea http://www.catfunstore.com/hic-porcelain-cat-sugar-bowl-1-ea.html "HAROLD IMPORT" PORCELAIN CAT SUGAR BOWLServe sugar for coffee and tea in the HIC Porcelain Cat Sugar Bowl. HIC Porcelain is oven, broiler, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. Highligths:Glazed white porcelain Beautifully glazed and exceptionally durable Great for any kitchen and home Safe for use in the oven, broiler, microwave and freezer Dishwasher safe http://www.catfunstore.com/hic-porcelain-cat-sugar-bowl-1-ea.html Made By Humans, Eco Staple Free Stapler Animal Shapes, Desktop Stapler, Cat, Pink (560) http://www.catfunstore.com/made-by-humans-eco-staple-free-stapler-animal-shapes-desktop-stapler-cat-pink-560.html The Eco Staple Free Stapler for kids. Staples papers together without staples! Yes, really. This is how it works The Eco Staple Free Stapler cuts out tiny strips of paper in the corner of your documents and uses these strips to "stitch" up to five pages of standard paper together. No more metal staples (so that's good for the planet and your wallet). Ideal for paper shredders.Child safe. Uses no metal staples. Creates no paper waste. Safe for children. http://www.catfunstore.com/made-by-humans-eco-staple-free-stapler-animal-shapes-desktop-stapler-cat-pink-560.html FURminator Short Hair deShedding Tool for Small Cats http://www.catfunstore.com/furminator-short-hair-deshedding-tool-for-small-cats.html By reducing shedding up to 90%, the FURminator deShedding Tool enables you to share your home with your cat, without surrendering it to his hair. The NEW Short Hair deShedding Tool for Small Cats is specially designed for cats that are 10 pounds or less with hair that is shorter than 2 inches. The short hair stainless steel edge reaches deep beneath your cats short topcoat to safely remove undercoat and loose hair. The FURejector button cleans and removes loose hair from the tool with ease. http://www.catfunstore.com/furminator-short-hair-deshedding-tool-for-small-cats.html Oh Say Can You Seed?: All About Flowering Plants (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library) http://www.catfunstore.com/oh-say-can-you-seed-all-about-flowering-plants-cat-in-the-hat-s-learning-library.html With the able assistance of Thing 1 and Thing 2 -- and a fleet of Rube Goldbergian vehicles -- the Cat in the Hat examines the various parts of plants, seeds, and flowers; basic photosynthesis and pollination; and <br>seed dispersal. <br> http://www.catfunstore.com/oh-say-can-you-seed-all-about-flowering-plants-cat-in-the-hat-s-learning-library.html Abalone and Rhinestone Double Twin Cat Brooch Pin http://www.catfunstore.com/abalone-and-rhinestone-double-twin-cat-brooch-pin.html Here is an adorable rhinestone and abalone cat brooch. Pin measures approximately 1 1/3" X 1 3/4" and has two cuddly abalone cats with rhinestone collars and tails snuggling up to each other. You can wear it on a scarf, jacket, blouse, or anywhere! A perfect item for gift giving or for yourself, you will love it! This beautiful brooch pin comes to you in a foil gift box though may be a different box color than the one shown. http://www.catfunstore.com/abalone-and-rhinestone-double-twin-cat-brooch-pin.html Boston Warehouse Warren Kimble Fat Cat Spoonrest http://www.catfunstore.com/boston-warehouse-warren-kimble-fat-cat-spoonrest.html Boston Warehouse's clever and whimsical Warren Kimble Fat Cat Spoonrest is made of hand painted earthenware. Spoonrest measures 6-inches long and 4.5-inches wide. Dishwasher safe; hand wash recommended. From Boston Warehouse: creative ideas for home entertaining. http://www.catfunstore.com/boston-warehouse-warren-kimble-fat-cat-spoonrest.html Julian Lloyd Webber plays Andrew Lloyd Webber http://www.catfunstore.com/julian-lloyd-webber-plays-andrew-lloyd-webber.html Apparently, Julian and Andrew Lloyd Webber's first collaboration occurred when the latter was 9 and the former 6. It took place on the stage of a toy theater, and Julian's role was then limited to operating the collection of tiny plastic soldiers that made up the cast of Andrew's latest musical. More than 40 years have passed since then but, as this disc proves, the brothers still enjoy a remarkable familial and musical relationship. Julian first recorded a series of cello arrangements of hits from Andrew's musicals in 1990, and this disc updates the enterprise with six new tracks from <I>Whistle Down the Wind</I>, <I>The Beautiful Game </I>, and <I>Sunset Boulevard</I>. The orchestral arrangements are deliciously soupy (especially "All I Ask of You" from <I>Phantom of the Opera</I>, "Love Changes Everything" from <I>Aspects of Love</I>, and the Riverdance-esque "God's Own Country" from <I>The Beautiful Game</I>) and suit Julian's appropriately swoony and uninhibited approach to the music. Fans of the Lloyd Webbers shouldn't be disappointed. <I>--Warwick Thompson</I> http://www.catfunstore.com/julian-lloyd-webber-plays-andrew-lloyd-webber.html Sagwa - Family Fun [VHS] http://www.catfunstore.com/sagwa-family-fun-vhs.html Everyone has a story and Sagwa's family is full of them! This video comprises three episodes from the hit TV show for kids. In ROYAL CATS, Dongwa leanrs how exciting history can be when he discovers that the Miao family's ancestors were royal cats. In CAT IN THE WIND, siblings Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa learn the power of art through the magical story of their ancestor, the artist Ming Miao. The excitement continues in CIAO, MIAO! when the Foolish Magistrate is visited by a relative of Marco Polo and nearly gives away a member of the Miao family! Family Fun: - Reinforces the value of working together to solve problems - Introduces children to the excitement of learning about family history http://www.catfunstore.com/sagwa-family-fun-vhs.html Fellowes 25FT CAT 5E SNAGLESS BLUE ( 97833 ) http://www.catfunstore.com/fellowes-25ft-cat-5e-snagless-blue-97833.html Item #: FEL97833. CAT 5e Snagless Networking Cable<br> Manufacturers lifetime warranty<br>Comprehensive variety of cables fit any office requirement. Connector protects the tap from damage during installation. Ideal for use with 10 Base-T and 1000 Base-T networks. Standard data transfer up to 100 Base-T.<br>25-ft. Length<br>Blue <br>Customers also search for: 100 Base-T;CAT 5e Networking Cable;FELLOWES;Network Cables;Snagless http://www.catfunstore.com/fellowes-25ft-cat-5e-snagless-blue-97833.html Flowmaster 17417 Cat-back System - Dual Rear/Side Exit - American Thunder - Moderate Sound http://www.catfunstore.com/flowmaster-17417-cat-back-system-dual-rear-side-exit-american-thunder-moderate-sound.html For the person who wants the look of a traditional dual exhaust system with all the benefits that a Flowmaster cat-back exhaust system provides. D.O.R./D.O.S. systems are the perfect choice, and include exit pipes for both Dual Out Rear and Dual Out side configurations so that you can choose the one that fits your style. American Thunder systems deliver a moderate to aggressive interior and exterior tone and are suited to the enthusiast who wants their performance to be heard. Like all Flowmaster systems, the benefits include improved throttle response, power and mileage. Designed for an easy fit, these systems include all necessary parts and hardware for easy installation. http://www.catfunstore.com/flowmaster-17417-cat-back-system-dual-rear-side-exit-american-thunder-moderate-sound.html 4GB High Capacity CAT-6 Secure Digital Card Sdhc http://www.catfunstore.com/4gb-high-capacity-cat-6-secure-digital-card-sdhc.html ACP-EP 4GB Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Card EPSDHC/4GB-6 Flash Memory http://www.catfunstore.com/4gb-high-capacity-cat-6-secure-digital-card-sdhc.html Redk Extreme CAT Protein Reconstructing Treatment (5 oz.) http://www.catfunstore.com/redk-extreme-cat-protein-reconstructing-treatment-5-oz.html Extreme strengthens repairs and provides protection for chemically and mechanically distressed hair with 3D Repair Complex. For hair that is up to 4 times stronger. EXTREME strengthens and resurfaces chemically and mechanically distressed hair. http://www.catfunstore.com/redk-extreme-cat-protein-reconstructing-treatment-5-oz.html The Fox & The Pussy Cat http://www.catfunstore.com/the-fox-the-pussy-cat.html Interactive Learning Fun For Kids http://www.catfunstore.com/the-fox-the-pussy-cat.html 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Cat Pendant (.03 cttw, I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity), 18" http://www.catfunstore.com/14k-yellow-gold-diamond-cat-pendant.html This charming kitty pendant is definitely the cat's meow. Fashioned in gleaming 14 karat yellow gold, and accented with ten shimmering round diamonds (.03 cttw), it makes a perfect gift for any feline fan. An 18-inch light rope chain, also in 14 karat yellow gold, threads directly through the top of the pendant to complete the design. Enjoy this pendant with the chain provided, or purchase a different gold chain of your choice. http://www.catfunstore.com/14k-yellow-gold-diamond-cat-pendant.html Calico Critters Fisher Cat Family http://www.catfunstore.com/calico-critters-fisher-cat-family.html Fisher Cat Family includes Father Schroeder, Mother Isabel, Brother Linus and Sister Lauren. Mother Isabel Fisher can often be seen and heard tending to her luscious garden as she engages in her favorite things, gardening and opera. Father Schroeder is know for his fine house building skills while brother Linus and sister Lauren work hard at keeping their parents on their paws. The Fisher Cat Family is a part of the Calico Critters Collection by International Playthings. Fisher Cat Family is for use with Calico Critters doll houses and furniture, other similarly sized doll houses, or just for creative play! http://www.catfunstore.com/calico-critters-fisher-cat-family.html SMARTYKAT CHICKADEE CHIRP BIRD SOUND CATNIP CAT TOY http://www.catfunstore.com/smartykat-chickadee-chirp-bird-sound-catnip-cat-toy.html SMARTYKAT CHICKADEE CHIRPNEW WITH TAGS ELECTRONIC BIRD-SOUND TOY INCLUDES ORGANIC CATNIP INTRIGUING REAL BIRD SOUNDS Dimensions: Length: 3.0 "; Height: 4.0 "; Width: 5.0 "SmartyKat chickadee chirp bird-sound toys are sure to hit a high note with any cat. The cute catnip-filled chickadee bursts into song with a push of a paw, providing hours of pounce-worthy fun for cats. Refill with SmartyKat Certified Organic Catnip for everlasting fun. http://www.catfunstore.com/smartykat-chickadee-chirp-bird-sound-catnip-cat-toy.html Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Travel Mug New Gift http://www.catfunstore.com/dr-seuss-cat-in-the-hat-travel-mug-new-gift.html Cat in the Hat Dr. Seuss Ceramic Coffee Hot / Cold Drink Travel Mug. This Cat in the Hat travel mug is made of high quality ceramic and stands about 6 inches tall. Covered with images of the infamous hat, this fantastic mug features the phrase "With a cup on the top of my hat!..." Bring home this great addition to any Dr Seuss collection today! http://www.catfunstore.com/dr-seuss-cat-in-the-hat-travel-mug-new-gift.html Forum Womens Sexy Leopard Ballroom Dancing Cat Outfit Costume http://www.catfunstore.com/forum-womens-sexy-leopard-ballroom-dancing-cat-outfit-costume.html Haunted Ballroom Collection: Fantasy Feline<BR><BR> THIS ITEM INCLUDES Dress, Headband with ears, Bell choker, Glovelets<BR><BR> http://www.catfunstore.com/forum-womens-sexy-leopard-ballroom-dancing-cat-outfit-costume.html Cat Stevens/Gold http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-stevens-gold.html Cat Stevens/Gold http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-stevens-gold.html Prestige Medical S13-cat Retracteze Badge Holder Cat http://www.catfunstore.com/prestige-medical-s13-cat-retracteze-badge-holder-cat.html Compact and lightweight. Comes equipped with a built in metal clip to fasten to the user's pocket. Retractable cord extends up to 28 Inch. http://www.catfunstore.com/prestige-medical-s13-cat-retracteze-badge-holder-cat.html Songs of the Cat http://www.catfunstore.com/songs-of-the-cat.html Songs of the Cat http://www.catfunstore.com/songs-of-the-cat.html Garfield Mad About Cats (PC CD Boxed) http://www.catfunstore.com/garfield-mad-about-cats-pc-cd-boxed.html Everyone's favorite fat cat comes to CD-Rom in this fast and funny adventure that teaches about cats from all over the world! Join Garfield and Odie as they become the mad scientist, Dr. Frankencat, and his eager assistant, "Eager" and search the world for the parts to build the world's most perfect cat. Along the way you will help Garfield battle attacking Nermals and protect his precious pizza from thieving spiders and more. With 3 skill levels, 12 fun-filled games and great animation Mad About Cats is sure to please girls and boys alike. The CD contains information on over 30 cat species and more such as where cats come from (why? Their Meowmies of course! LOL). http://www.catfunstore.com/garfield-mad-about-cats-pc-cd-boxed.html GAMO Big Cat .22 Caliber Air Rifle http://www.catfunstore.com/gamo-big-cat.html The Big Cat will go the distance for 1000s of rounds at hunting and target shooting in any weather. With the power plant able to yield a sizzling 950 fps and match grade accuracy with PBA Platinum ammunition. http://www.catfunstore.com/gamo-big-cat.html The Nature of Animal Healing : The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide to Caring for Your Dog and Cat http://www.catfunstore.com/the-nature-of-animal-healing-the-definitive-holistic-medicine-guide-to-caring-for-your-dog-and-cat.html A pioneering revolutionary prescription<br>for the health and long life of your pets<br><br>For two decades, Dr. Martin Goldstein--America's most successful, renowned holistic veterinarian--has healed and helped his animal patients with the same natural therapies that benefit humans. The results have been so astounding that today critically sick pets are brought to him from across the country for a new chance at life and health.<br><br>In this compelling, very accessible book, Dr. Goldstein explains exactly what holistic medicine is and how it works. By treating the root of a health problem instead of its symptoms, you too can help your animal to regain and maintain its own health, as nature intended. Dr. Goldstein also shares many remarkable true stories of supposedly terminally ill animals who have recovered to full wellness. Inside you'll discover<br><br>- Why our animals get sick, even when we strive to give them the best of care<br>- An exhaustive A to Z guide of pet ailments--and the best course of action<br>- Why vaccines can do more harm than good<br>- The link between diet and disease--and how the right diet can not only prevent disease but reverse it<br>- How acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, and other alternative options work--safely and painlessly--to restore true health<br>- Specific guidance for the use of herbs, supplements, and natural remedies<br>- The good news (and the bad) about cancer in animals--including extraordinary new treatments and potential cures<br>- Coping with the inevitable death of your pet--both physically and psychologically<br>And much, much more<br><br>PLUS--the ultimate resource for holistic pet care: an extensive guide to holistic product manufacturers and stores, books, newsletters, Web sites, veterinarians, and associations! http://www.catfunstore.com/the-nature-of-animal-healing-the-definitive-holistic-medicine-guide-to-caring-for-your-dog-and-cat.html CAT Watches - Camden - NI16934131 http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-watches-camden-ni16934131.html CAT Watches - Camden - NI16934131 - Black leather strap - Stainless steel case - 48mm case - Multifunction - Day and date display - Water resistance 10 ATM http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-watches-camden-ni16934131.html Cheshire Cat Fur Hood http://www.catfunstore.com/cheshire-cat-fur-hood.html Blue and gray fur, Cheshire Cat costume hood with ears and pom poms. Fabric: Lining: Stretch Woven Faux Fur, 100% Acrylic.<br><br>Plain packaging and discretion guaranteed! http://www.catfunstore.com/cheshire-cat-fur-hood.html Platinum Tools 100011C EZ-RJ45 Cat 6+ Combo, Includes 30 Connectors and 30 Strain Reliefs http://www.catfunstore.com/platinum-tools-100011c-ez-rj45-cat-6-combo-includes-30-connectors-and-30-strain-reliefs.html The new patented EZ-RJ45 Cat. 6 Connector simplifies twisted pair terminations by allowing the wires to be inserted through the connector and out the front. This allows the technician to verify the proper wiring order easily. This package includes 30 connectors as well as 30 strain reliefs, which can be used to meet cat. 6 bend radius requirements. For use in cat. 6-compliant data networks, the EZ-RJ45 Cat. 6 Connectors will work with solid or stranded wire for faster terminations with reduced scrap. Electrical performance of the termination is optimized by pulling the connector down over the cable jacket and seating it tightly in the rear of the connector. This also optimizes near-end cross talk performance. You'll appreciate the simplicity of these connectors' one-piece design. Additional features include a 50 micro inch gold plate. http://www.catfunstore.com/platinum-tools-100011c-ez-rj45-cat-6-combo-includes-30-connectors-and-30-strain-reliefs.html Felix The Cat/Celebriducks Rubber Duck http://www.catfunstore.com/felix-the-cat-celebriducks-rubber-duck.html Felix The Cat Celebriducks Rubber Duck http://www.catfunstore.com/felix-the-cat-celebriducks-rubber-duck.html Taxi! Ragtime Novelty Blues http://www.catfunstore.com/taxi-ragtime-novelty-blues.html Taxi! Ragtime Novelty Blues http://www.catfunstore.com/taxi-ragtime-novelty-blues.html CAT Watches - Time 61 Chrono - T619321119 http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-watches-time-61-chrono-t619321119.html CAT Watches - Time 61 Chrono - T619321119 - Rubber band with Caterpillar branding - Chronograph - Stainless steel Rose Gold case - Day/Date - Water resistance 10 ATM http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-watches-time-61-chrono-t619321119.html R & M International "When the Cat's Away" 6 Piece Cookie Cutter Set http://www.catfunstore.com/r-m-international-when-the-cat-s-away-6-piece-cookie-cutter-set.html When the Cat's Away - set of 6 cath themed cookie cutters. Five cat shaped cookie cutters feature cat's playing, curlled up and sitting down - mouse cutter included too! Great shapes and high quality construction http://www.catfunstore.com/r-m-international-when-the-cat-s-away-6-piece-cookie-cutter-set.html Cat's Meow [VHS] http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-s-meow-vhs.html A Hollywood scandal springs to life in Peter Bogdanovich's lively <I>Cat's Meow</I>. In 1924 the immensely powerful publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst held a yacht party that ended with a gunshot. Between Hearst's influence and that of his glitterati guests (including Louella Parsons and Charlie Chaplin), no satisfying account of what happened ever made it to the public. <I>The Cat's Meow</I> reconstructs one of the more whispered-about possible scenarios and has quite a bit of fun doing so. Cast and crew alike skewer 1920s Hollywood decadence and, by extension, today's. Eddie Izzard is a boldly odd casting choice as Chaplin, but he succeeds, refusing to fall back on Little Tramp mannerisms. There are several other good performances, but best of all is the cool-as-sherbet Joanna Lumley as the deliciously jaded Elinor Glyn. The script is a strong one, never stooping to the excesses of its characters--Bogdanovich's take is far from the most lurid allegations of what happened that weekend. <I>--Ali Davis</I> http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-s-meow-vhs.html 3 sets Xtra Strong Ruthless Standard Cats Eyes flights http://www.catfunstore.com/3-sets-xtra-strong-ruthless-standard-cats-eyes-flights.html These double thickness flights offer greater durability and better in-flight performance than standard polyester flights. The standard shape flight carries more air as it flies towards the board which improves the stability of the dart. http://www.catfunstore.com/3-sets-xtra-strong-ruthless-standard-cats-eyes-flights.html VERTICAL BANNER CAT IN THE HAT http://www.catfunstore.com/vertical-banner-cat-in-the-hat.html Each measures 12" x 45" and folds flat for easy storage. TM & 2005 Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. All Rights Reserved. http://www.catfunstore.com/vertical-banner-cat-in-the-hat.html Marmalade Cat Baby Cozies Blanket http://www.catfunstore.com/marmalade-cat-baby-cozies-blanket.html The North American Bear silky soft ultra velour security buddy blanket baby cozies make a great travel toy and gift for children. Approx. 8 1/2" size. Machine washable. http://www.catfunstore.com/marmalade-cat-baby-cozies-blanket.html Mayhew 66300 Cats Paw Screwdriver Set, 6-Piece http://www.catfunstore.com/mayhew-66300-cats-paw-screwdriver-set-6-piece.html <p><b>Features and Benefits:</b><br></p><ul><li>Includes: #3 x 6, #2 x 4, #1 x 3 phillips head; 5/16 x 7, 1/4 x 6, 7/32 x 4 slotted head </li><li>Capped end with composite comfort handle</li><li>Hex bolstered for added torque when needed</li><li>Blade extends full length through to striking cap</li><li>Shot blast tips for superior grip</li><li>Blow molded case</li></ul> http://www.catfunstore.com/mayhew-66300-cats-paw-screwdriver-set-6-piece.html Meyda Tiffany 11323, 7"H Cat Tiffany Glass Accent Lamp http://www.catfunstore.com/meyda-tiffany-11323-7-h-cat-tiffany-glass-accent-lamp.html This Lighted Gray Stained Art Glass Kitten Sculpture With Eyes That Are Made Of Glistening Glass Jewels Is Like A Precious Pet That Will Charm Its Way Into Your Heart. http://www.catfunstore.com/meyda-tiffany-11323-7-h-cat-tiffany-glass-accent-lamp.html UltraLast ULCAT926 Digital Camera Battery Pack for Kodak CAT-926-7188 http://www.catfunstore.com/ultralast-ulcat926-digital-camera-battery-pack-for-kodak-cat-926-7188.html Replacement digital camera battery pack http://www.catfunstore.com/ultralast-ulcat926-digital-camera-battery-pack-for-kodak-cat-926-7188.html Josie by Natori Women's Lucky Cat Pajama http://www.catfunstore.com/josie-by-natori-women-s-lucky-cat-pajama.html Josie by Natori Women's Lucky Cat Pajama http://www.catfunstore.com/josie-by-natori-women-s-lucky-cat-pajama.html Ark Naturals Royal Coat Express, Wild Fish Oil & Borage Oil for Dogs & Cats 16 oz (473 g) http://www.catfunstore.com/ark-naturals-royal-coat-express-wild-fish-oil-borage-oil-for-dogs-cats-16-oz-473-g.html For Dogs & Cats<BR>For excessive Shedding, Scratching, Hotspots, Dry Flaky Coats<BR>Recommended for:<BR>Studies Prove fish & borage oils provide the most rapid, consistent and speedy help for:<BR>Excessive shedding, dry skin, constant licking and scratching, greasy or dull coat, dandruff, hair loss, sores in ears, slow wound healing.<BR>Cats are obligate carnivores and dogs are carnivores/omnivores - help for skin and coat issues require ingredients containing DHA. DHA is only found in Omega-3 from an animal source (Fish Oil).<BR> http://www.catfunstore.com/ark-naturals-royal-coat-express-wild-fish-oil-borage-oil-for-dogs-cats-16-oz-473-g.html K&H 3193 Thermo-Kitty Indoor Heated Cat Bed, Sage http://www.catfunstore.com/k-h-3193-thermo-kitty-indoor-heated-cat-bed-sage.html The K&H Thermo-Kitty Bed has a dual thermostat 4 watt heating unit buried deep within its thick, super soft, orthopedic foam base. It warms the surface 10-15 degrees above ambient air temperature to a cat pleasing 102 degrees when in use. The washable cover comes in two colors and is attractive in any room in the house. Indoor use only. UL listed. http://www.catfunstore.com/k-h-3193-thermo-kitty-indoor-heated-cat-bed-sage.html Amethyst Colored Cat's Eye Baguette CZ Sterling Bead Trio for European Charm Bracelet http://www.catfunstore.com/amethyst-colored-cat-s-eye-baguette-cz-sterling-bead-trio-for-european-charm-bracelet.html Perfect for the February birthday! This set of three coordinating purple bead charms for your European charm bracelet includes the center bead of the set which is a .925 Sterling Silver and Baguette CZ European Spacer Bead Charm. The sterling silver band is set all around with purple amethyst February Birthstone cubic zirconias, adding loads of bling to your bracelet. Also included are two purple cat's eye glass beads set with tiny rhinestones. These three beads add a wonderful flash of color and glitz to any bracelet! All three beads are unthreaded and have large holes, ranging from 5 - 6.5mm. They are designed to slide onto your bracelet with ease. Compatible with the most popular bracelet brands! http://www.catfunstore.com/amethyst-colored-cat-s-eye-baguette-cz-sterling-bead-trio-for-european-charm-bracelet.html Borla 11754 Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System http://www.catfunstore.com/borla-11754-stainless-steel-cat-back-exhaust-system.html Borla Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust Systems are engineered to provide excellent exhaust emission and internal power generation. These exhausts feature a multi-core technology and are manufactured from austenitic stainless steel which offers long lasting durability. They are equipped with ultra-smooth mandrel bends ensuring maximum flow and power. These exhausts provide brilliant fuel economy and increase horsepower efficiently. They are corrosion resistant and ensure easy installation. http://www.catfunstore.com/borla-11754-stainless-steel-cat-back-exhaust-system.html Cat Daddy [Explicit] http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-daddy-explicit.html Cat Daddy [Explicit] http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-daddy-explicit.html Ceramic Travel Coffee Mug - Fat Cat http://www.catfunstore.com/ceramic-travel-coffee-mug-fat-cat.html This Ceramic Travel Coffee Mug is a great travel coffee mug for heading to work armed with a cup of your favorite coffee or cafe beverage. These ceramic coffee mugs are constructed from microwave and dishwasher safe ceramic and feature a full-color art wrap exterior of Lowell Herrero's painting "Stretch Kelley." Ceramic Travel Coffee Mug Features Durable ceramic construction. Recessed rubber travel lid prevents spills and leakage. Keeps coffee and other hot beverage warm over time. Large comfortable carrying handle. Lowell Herrero's "Stretch Kelly" graphic on exterior. Packaged in full-color gift box. Holds 19 oz. Dishwasher and microwave safe. http://www.catfunstore.com/ceramic-travel-coffee-mug-fat-cat.html The Black Cat: A Richard Jury Mystery http://www.catfunstore.com/the-black-cat-a-richard-jury-mystery.html Richard Jury is still dealing with the guilt of the accident that sent Lu Aquilar into a coma. But then he gets assigned the case of a beautiful woman who was murdered on the grounds of a pub called the Black Cat. And the only witness is a black cat. The woman is unidentifiable-but Jury is going to see that the person responsible is known to all... http://www.catfunstore.com/the-black-cat-a-richard-jury-mystery.html Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Pellet Refill, 3.5-Pound Packages (Pack of 6) http://www.catfunstore.com/tidy-cats-breeze-litter-pellet-refill-3.html Breeze litter pellets are cat-friendly and non-tracking. Unlike traditional clay litter, Breeze uses specially designed litter pellets that are 99.9 percent dust free. Breeze litter pellets allow urine to pass through to an odor controlling unit. The urine is quickly absorbed leaving solid waste on top for quick, easy removal. http://www.catfunstore.com/tidy-cats-breeze-litter-pellet-refill-3.html Cat in the Hat I Can Do That! Game http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-in-the-hat-i-can-do-that-game.html The high-energy game that combines balancing, jumping, sliding, giggling and more to celebrate your child's "I Can Do That!" attitude! The Cat in the Hat has come for a visit and he wants to see all the things that you can do! Start by flipping over three cards to discover your new challenge. What will it be? Can you jump up and down.while holding the fish.under your chin? Can you limbo under the trick-a-ma-stick.while balancing the boat.on your stomach? If you think you can, shout, "I Can Do That!" There are hundreds of hilarious possibilities. The player who earns the most stars wins! The Cat in the Hat - I Can Do That! Game brings to life the beloved Dr. Seuss book giving kids a new and incredibly fun way to experience this classic Dr. Seuss story. I Can Do That! Games Ages: 4-8 Years http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-in-the-hat-i-can-do-that-game.html Ray Ban Unisex Rb4125 Cats 5000 Glitter Green Frame/Blue Gradient Yellow Lens Plastic Sunglasses http://www.catfunstore.com/ray-ban-unisex-rb4125-cats-5000-glitter-green-frame-blue-gradient-yellow-lens-plastic-sunglasses.html Ray Ban Unisex Rb4125 Cats 5000 Glitter Pink Frame/Brown Gradient Lens Plastic Sunglasses : Glitter green plastic frame, Blue gradient yellow tempered glass lenses, light oval shaped. Product comes with an original Ray Ban carrying case, cleaning cloth and manufacturer's booklet. http://www.catfunstore.com/ray-ban-unisex-rb4125-cats-5000-glitter-green-frame-blue-gradient-yellow-lens-plastic-sunglasses.html RiteAV - Cat6 Network Ethernet Cable - Blue - 1 ft. http://www.catfunstore.com/riteav-cat6-network-ethernet-cable-blue-1-ft.html Used to Connect Computers, Switches, Routers, and other devices with Network Jacks http://www.catfunstore.com/riteav-cat6-network-ethernet-cable-blue-1-ft.html CAT Watches - Gripper - R614921211 http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-watches-gripper-r614921211.html CAT Watches - Gripper - R614921211 - Stainless steel 42.5mm case - Black rubber strap - Quartz movement - Luminous hands - Multifunction dial - CAT Racing logo - Screw in case back - Scratch resistant mineral crystal - Water resistant 100 meters/330 feet http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-watches-gripper-r614921211.html Friskies Cat Food Classic Pate, Liver & Chicken Dinner, 5.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) http://www.catfunstore.com/friskies-cat-food-classic-pate-liver-chicken-dinner-5.html Friskies Cat Food Classic Pate, 5.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) is a flavor of liver and chicken, plus a smooth, pleasing texture classic pate. This pate is a 100% complete & balanced for growth of kittens and maintenance of adult cats. http://www.catfunstore.com/friskies-cat-food-classic-pate-liver-chicken-dinner-5.html Cats Don't Dance http://www.catfunstore.com/cats-don-t-dance.html The rags-to-riches story of Danny, a talented cat whose lifelong goal of movie stardom is sidetracked when he discovers only humans get the good roles in Hollywood. On the big screen, animals can bark, meow or moo, but cats don't dance. Danny vows to break through the "species barrier" and prove that dreams really can come true. http://www.catfunstore.com/cats-don-t-dance.html Ghost Cat http://www.catfunstore.com/ghost-cat.html Studio: North American Motion Pic Release Date: 09/22/2009 Run time: 92 minutes http://www.catfunstore.com/ghost-cat.html 164 feet Shielded Category 6 ( which is better than category 5 e ) Hospital Grade network cable . Cat 6 longer than 150ft cable gray color. One of the highest grade of network cable available. Contacts are gold plated. Great for hooking up between your Xb http://www.catfunstore.com/164-feet-shielded-category-6-which-is-better-than-category-5-e-hospital-grade-network-cable-cat-6-longer-than-150ft-cable-gray-color-one-of-the-highest-grade-of-network-cable-available-contacts-are-gold-plated.html The shipping of this item is per item. http://www.catfunstore.com/164-feet-shielded-category-6-which-is-better-than-category-5-e-hospital-grade-network-cable-cat-6-longer-than-150ft-cable-gray-color-one-of-the-highest-grade-of-network-cable-available-contacts-are-gold-plated.html Trend Lab Dr Seuss Messenger Style Diaper Bag, Cat in The Hat http://www.catfunstore.com/trend-lab-dr-seuss-messenger-style-diaper-bag-cat-in-the-hat.html DIAPER BAG-Black Microfiber w/Cat in the Hat Scatterprint Percale Lining/Trim, Peek-a-boo Cat in the Hat Embroidery (6.5")Messenger Bag; Padded Strap;14"x12"x4" http://www.catfunstore.com/trend-lab-dr-seuss-messenger-style-diaper-bag-cat-in-the-hat.html Jose Carreras Sings Memory From Cats and 15 Other Great Love Songs http://www.catfunstore.com/jose-carreras-sings-memory-from-cats-and-15-other-great-love-songs.html Jose Carreras Sings Memory From Cats and 15 Other Great Love Songs http://www.catfunstore.com/jose-carreras-sings-memory-from-cats-and-15-other-great-love-songs.html Cheshire Cat Perfume Oil http://www.catfunstore.com/cheshire-cat-perfume-oil.html Grapefruit, red currant, dark musk, Roman chamomile, delphinium, and lavender. This scent is brought to you by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: the world's most decadent perfume house. Our perfumes are inspired by a vast range of influences, from the passion of the Fin de Sicle movement to the ghastliest of Lovecraftian monstrosities, we specialize in eliciting emotional responses through perfume and creating unique, masterfully molded scent environments that capture legends and folklore, poetry, and the stuff of dreams and nightmares. Though we are at times campy, and sometimes very tongue-in-cheek, we never lose sight of our one true goal: moving the soul and spirit through the unbridled artistry of scent, and remaining unbound by conventional fashion. http://www.catfunstore.com/cheshire-cat-perfume-oil.html Cat People http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-people.html CAT PEOPLE - DVD Movie http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-people.html Whimsical Watches Women's S0120004 Siamese Cat Lavender Leather Watch http://www.catfunstore.com/whimsical-watches-women-s-s0120004-siamese-cat-lavender-leather-watch.html Whimsical Watches are made by a team of Artists using hand-crafted Miniatures turning this fashionable watch into a wearable work of art. Our Watches are Seiko time pieces; comes with an Italian Leather Band, gift box with a limited 1 year warranty. http://www.catfunstore.com/whimsical-watches-women-s-s0120004-siamese-cat-lavender-leather-watch.html Christmas Kitty Cat Decorative Protector Skin Decal Sticker for Nintendo DSi XL Handheld Portable Video Game Console http://www.catfunstore.com/christmas-kitty-cat-decorative-protector-skin-decal-sticker-for-nintendo-dsi-xl-handheld-portable-video-game-console.html Dress up your Nintendo DSi XL Handheld Portable Video Game Console with these decal stickers. This 3-piece skin set is made out of premium grade vinyl that does not add any volume or weight to your Nintendo DSi XL, keeping it original with a great new look. It features ultra-high resolution, brilliant full-color design that are processed with UV resistant inks on self-adhesive vinyl. It is coated with an extra layer of water-proof, smooth high-glossy protective film for the ultimate durability. Once applied, it covers up scratches, and like a thin membrane, it protects and buffers the device surface from occasional nicks and scratches. It leaves no harmful residue when removed and does not void your device warranty. (Note: Due to differences in monitors, color may vary from photo.)<p><b>Nintendo DSi XL device not included.</b> http://www.catfunstore.com/christmas-kitty-cat-decorative-protector-skin-decal-sticker-for-nintendo-dsi-xl-handheld-portable-video-game-console.html Cat Collage Switch Plate - Triple Toggle http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-collage-switch-plate-triple-toggle.html Each switch plate is individually handcrafted using a classic decoupage technique, and sealed with a shiny smooth finish to prevent scratching or water damage. Every Art Plate comes beautifully packaged in see-through packaging, ready for gift giving! Screws included. http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-collage-switch-plate-triple-toggle.html CAT IN THE HAT - Vinyl Decal Sticker #A1007 | Vinyl Color: Red http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-in-the-hat-vinyl-decal-sticker-a1007-vinyl-color-red.html This is a vinyl decal that can be applied to just about any smooth surface. These decals are made from the highest quality vinyl to give you many years of use without fading or peeling. Detailed application instructions are included. http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-in-the-hat-vinyl-decal-sticker-a1007-vinyl-color-red.html Zable(tm) Sterling Silver Cat Face 2-Sided Bead / Charm http://www.catfunstore.com/zable-tm-sterling-silver-cat-face-2-sided-bead-charm.html Zable(tm) Sterling Silver Cat Face 2-Sided Bead / Charm crafted in 925 Sterling Silver Zable(tm) beads are guaranteed compatible with all popular brands of bead bracelets FREE GIFT BAG! FREE GIFT CARD! Finejewelers Style Number: BZ1728. http://www.catfunstore.com/zable-tm-sterling-silver-cat-face-2-sided-bead-charm.html Kingsley Clear Glycerine Soap with Cat Design 3.5 oz. http://www.catfunstore.com/kingsley-clear-glycerine-soap-with-cat-design-3-5-oz.html Kingsley Clear Glycerine Soap with Cat Design 3.5 oz. http://www.catfunstore.com/kingsley-clear-glycerine-soap-with-cat-design-3-5-oz.html 14 Ft Ethernet Network Patch Cable Cord Rj45 Cat5e White for Internet Routers and Gaming http://www.catfunstore.com/14-ft-ethernet-network-patch-cable-cord-rj45-cat5e-white-for-internet-routers-and-gaming.html Today's advanced fast ethernet and gigabit computer networks require Enhanced Category 5 high-speed cabling to distribute data, voice and video. These enhanced Cat5 350Mhz Patch Cables will keep you ahead of the game. These cables will handle bandwidth intensive applications up to 350 Mhz and beyond. Meets all Cat 5e TIA/EIA standards, and drastically reduce both impedance and structural return loss (SRL) as compared to standard 100 Mhz wire! This is accomplished by bonding together each of the individual pairs, helping to maintain the twist-spacing throughout the line right up to your termination point. Constructed with high-quality wire and a shortened body plug will keep Near-end Crosstalk levels to a minimum. Generic version. Non-Booted Cable http://www.catfunstore.com/14-ft-ethernet-network-patch-cable-cord-rj45-cat5e-white-for-internet-routers-and-gaming.html Paws and Claws:Dogs/Cats http://www.catfunstore.com/paws-and-claws-dogs-cats.html Dogs and cats look to you for care guidance and training?raise them from little puppies and kittens and watch as they grow play and learn together. Make sure your animal friends get plenty of healthy food exercise and playtime?and lots of love from you!Features: Choose from a variety of dog and cat breeds including: Huskies Dalmatians Maine Coons Siamese European house cats and more. Give your puppy a bath pet your kitty or take your animal friends for a walk as you monitor their health cleanliness mood and performance. Feed groom cuddle and play with your frisky little furball in the house or outside. Spoil your cat silly with kisses and hugs! Sit! Stay! Shake! As you teach your puppy commands he will start competing in obedience and agility competitions and shows. Play exciting mini-games such as Frisbee hunt for the hidden toy and fetch.Format: NINTENDO DS Genre:FOLK/FOLK Rating:E UPC:785138361444 http://www.catfunstore.com/paws-and-claws-dogs-cats.html PS3 HDMI Cable, cat. 2 1080p http://www.catfunstore.com/ps3-hdmi-cable-cat.html For that real high definition signal transmission. Experience hi-res content,e.g. Blu-ray movies, PS3 or Xbox 360 games, on a new level. Compatible with all HDMI devices (e.g. PlayStation3, Xbox 360, HD TVs, Blu-ray players) http://www.catfunstore.com/ps3-hdmi-cable-cat.html The Pussy Cat Song http://www.catfunstore.com/the-pussy-cat-song.html The Pussy Cat Song http://www.catfunstore.com/the-pussy-cat-song.html GREEN FOODS CORPORATION Barley Cat 3 oz http://www.catfunstore.com/green-foods-corporation-barley-cat-3-oz.html Barley Cat is a barley grass supplement that contains active enzymes, vitamins C & E, beta-carotene, amino acids, chlorophyll, proteins and essential trace minerals. Regular use promotes healthy skin and coat, freshens breath, improves energy levels - especially among senior cats. Powdered Barley Grass Juice. Made with Organic Young Barley Leaves. Complete Vegetable Nutrients. Give your cat maximum health with great tasting super green nutrition. Barley Cat is the original "green" supplement made from juice of organic young Barley grass with a taste cats love. http://www.catfunstore.com/green-foods-corporation-barley-cat-3-oz.html Relaxation Music For Dogs and Cats Volume 1 http://www.catfunstore.com/relaxation-music-for-dogs-and-cats-volume-1.html Relaxation Music for Dogs and Cats is an hour of soothing environmental music to help your pet feel calm. Your pet will be soothed by an hour of synthesizer orchestrations of musical vignettes in which the composer has given care and attention to the hearing ranges of dogs and cats. <P>At Home Alone...Play Relaxation Music for Dogs and Cats to give your pets a calming music environment while they are home alone. <P>In the car...Relaxation Music for Dogs and Cats can calm your pet or just going for a ride. <P>At the Veterinarians..Relaxation Music for Dogs and Cats can be used to help create a gentle atmosphere for patients and visiting pets. http://www.catfunstore.com/relaxation-music-for-dogs-and-cats-volume-1.html Garfield's Mad About Cats (PC & Mac) http://www.catfunstore.com/garfield-s-mad-about-cats-pc-mac.html Everyone's favorite fat cat comes to CD-Rom in this fast and funny adventure that teaches about cats from all over the world! Join Garfield and Odie as they become the mad scientist, Dr. Frankencat, and his eager assistant, "Eager" and search the world for the parts to build the world's most perfect cat. Along the way you will help Garfield battle attacking Nermals and protect his precious pizza from thieving spiders and more. With 3 skill levels, 12 fun-filled games and great animation Mad About Cats is sure to please girls and boys alike. http://www.catfunstore.com/garfield-s-mad-about-cats-pc-mac.html Fishbowl Cat Porcelain Fan / Light Pull http://www.catfunstore.com/fishbowl-cat-porcelain-fan-light-pull.html Handcrafted to the highest standards by "Decoration Sensation". We also offer matching Outlet Covers, Double Size Switchplates, Triple Size Switchplates, Rocker GFI Covers, Combo Switchplates, Phone and Cable Covers. We guarantee your complete satisfaction or money back. We are sure you will be delighted with these unique items. Items will arrive via USPS and a tracking # will be sent to you. Also Check out our matching Drawer Knobs here on Amazon. http://www.catfunstore.com/fishbowl-cat-porcelain-fan-light-pull.html Tripp Lite N031-050 Cat5e RJ45 Modular Connector, Stranded - 50 Pack http://www.catfunstore.com/tripp-lite-n031-050-cat5e-rj45-modular-connector-stranded-50-pack.html Tripp Lite Lite RJ-45 Plug N031-050 Cable Adapters http://www.catfunstore.com/tripp-lite-n031-050-cat5e-rj45-modular-connector-stranded-50-pack.html AmazonBasics RJ45 Cat5e Ethernet Patch Cable (14 Feet/4.2 Meters) http://www.catfunstore.com/4.html AmazonBasics products are quality electronics accessories offered at a great value. http://www.catfunstore.com/4.html Grasslands Road Beloved Angel with Cat "Always In Our Hearts" http://www.catfunstore.com/grasslands-road-beloved-angel-with-cat-always-in-our-hearts.html Grasslands Road Beloved Angel with cat "Always in our hearts" http://www.catfunstore.com/grasslands-road-beloved-angel-with-cat-always-in-our-hearts.html 25' CAT5 CAT5e Ethernet Cable + USB LAN Adapter for Wii http://www.catfunstore.com/25-cat5-cat5e-ethernet-cable-usb-lan-adapter-for-wii.html New generic USB 10/100Mbps Ethernet Network Adapter / Ethernet Cable, CAT5e - 25 ft White. Best replacement for the original Wii item. Accessory ONLY. Wii Remote controller NOT included. Compatible With: Nintendo Wii. http://www.catfunstore.com/25-cat5-cat5e-ethernet-cable-usb-lan-adapter-for-wii.html Cat 'n a Case Mouse Pad http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-n-a-case-mouse-pad.html Art Strings mouse pads are backed with genuine black rubber (not foam) anti-skid bases. Their high traction surfaces work great with any mouse. Size: 9-1/4 inch. x 7-3/4 inch., 1/4 inch. thick. http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-n-a-case-mouse-pad.html Ty Classic Cobbler Cat in Orange and White http://www.catfunstore.com/ty-classic-cobbler-cat-in-orange-and-white.html Cobbler the Classic orange and white tabby cat from Ty will bring joy and smiles to people of all ages. http://www.catfunstore.com/ty-classic-cobbler-cat-in-orange-and-white.html The Very Best of The Stray Cats: Rumble in Brixton http://www.catfunstore.com/the-very-best-of-the-stray-cats-rumble-in-brixton.html The Very Best of The Stray Cats: Rumble in Brixton http://www.catfunstore.com/the-very-best-of-the-stray-cats-rumble-in-brixton.html Belkin A3L791-14-BLU-S RJ45M/RJ45M 14-Feet 10/100BT CAT5E Snagless Patch Cable (Blue) http://www.catfunstore.com/belkin-a3l791-14-blu-s-rj45m-rj45m-14-feet-10-100bt-cat5e-snagless-patch-cable-blue.html What is a Category 5e patch cable? Think of it as the street that links the houses on your block and all the destinations in town. This cable is used to connect all the hardware destinations on a Local Area Network (LAN). The RJ45 Molded Cat 5e Patch Cable is perfect for use with 10/100 Base-T networks. Complete with RJ45 male-to-male connectors and snagless molded strain relief. PRODUCT FEATURES: Perfect in conjunction with 10 and 100 Base-T; 50 micron gold plated connectors to ensure a clean and clear transmission; Premium snagless-type molding to protect the connection; Exceeds the performance requirement of Category 5e. http://www.catfunstore.com/belkin-a3l791-14-blu-s-rj45m-rj45m-14-feet-10-100bt-cat5e-snagless-patch-cable-blue.html Cat Deluxe by Naomi Campbell Perfume for Wome 1.0 oz Eau de Toilette http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-deluxe-by-naomi-campbell-perfume-for-wome-1.html Cat Deluxe by Naomi Campbell Perfume for Wome 1.0 oz Eau de Toilette http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-deluxe-by-naomi-campbell-perfume-for-wome-1.html Stephen King: 4 Film Favorites (Dreamcatcher/Dolores Claiborne/Cat's Eye/Creepshow) http://www.catfunstore.com/stephen-king-4-film-favorites-dreamcatcher-dolores-claiborne-cat-s-eye-creepshow.html Dreamcatcher Dolores Claiborne Stephen King's Cat's Eye Creepshow http://www.catfunstore.com/stephen-king-4-film-favorites-dreamcatcher-dolores-claiborne-cat-s-eye-creepshow.html PUMA Women's PU102022001 Race Cat II Red and White Dial Watch http://www.catfunstore.com/puma-women-s-pu102022001-race-cat-ii-red-and-white-dial-watch.html Sport watch, Quartz movement, Polished silver-tone hands and sweep seconds, Applied polished pink Arabic numbers, Pink baton markers and indices mark surrounding minute track, White dial with polished silver-tone logo appliques, White synthetic leather strap with pink Puma logos, pink contrast stitching and oversized polished silver-tone stainless steel buckle, Polished silver-tone stainless steel bezel and round case, Textured steel crown with logo, Stainless steel caseback, Mineral crystal, 50 meters/165 feet water resistant http://www.catfunstore.com/puma-women-s-pu102022001-race-cat-ii-red-and-white-dial-watch.html Trend Lab Bottle Bag, Cat In The Hat http://www.catfunstore.com/trend-lab-bottle-bag-cat-in-the-hat.html "Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Insulated Bottle Bag" by Trend Lab Baby is the perfect Baby Gift set. The Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Bottle Bag Holds 2 Bottles Great for picnics, car rides and other outings. The bottle bag is a must have for any traveling parent. This accessory is as cute as it is useful. With the ability to hold two bottles, you can stay out twice as long or feed two hungry babies at once! Insulated to keep hot and cold items at regulating temperatures. Made with the Best Quality Material with your child in mind, Multiple coordinating items available and can even coordinate with your Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Collection! Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Bottle Bag Item # 30065 http://www.catfunstore.com/trend-lab-bottle-bag-cat-in-the-hat.html Furreal Friends Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty Cat White http://www.catfunstore.com/furreal-friends-lulu-my-cuddlin-kitty-cat-white.html Furreal Friends Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty Cat White http://www.catfunstore.com/furreal-friends-lulu-my-cuddlin-kitty-cat-white.html MiYim Organic Cotton Cat in the Hat Dr. Seuss Lovie Blankie http://www.catfunstore.com/miyim-organic-cotton-cat-in-the-hat-dr.html This Cat in the Hat Blankie is made from non-toxic cotton that is untreated, unprocessed, and unbleached and the blankee also colored with the all-natural PureWaterWash process used by MiYim in their manufacturing processe. Perfectly safe for your little one to chew on and snuggle with. http://www.catfunstore.com/miyim-organic-cotton-cat-in-the-hat-dr.html 50' Ultra Flat CAT6 Patch Cable http://www.catfunstore.com/50-ultra-flat-cat6-patch-cable.html <BR>50' Ultra Flat CAT6 Patch Cable<BR>liThin construction for increased flexibilityli250MHz stranded patch cableliComplies with EIA/TIA 568 specifications and are UL ratedliOnly 1.2mm thickliUp to 1Gbps transfer ratesliMade from 32-gauge stranded category 6 cable with a PVC jacketliAssembled with enhanced performance RJ45 connectorsli50'liIncludes lifetime warranty<BR><BR> http://www.catfunstore.com/50-ultra-flat-cat6-patch-cable.html Natural Balance Indoor Cat Formula Cat Food (Pack of 24 6-Ounce Cans) http://www.catfunstore.com/natural-balance-indoor-cat-formula-cat-food-pack-of-24-6-ounce-cans.html Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Ultra-Premium and Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Canned Food are made for kittens and adult cats, complete and balanced for all breeds and life stages. Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Ultra-Premium Canned Cat Food is a complete and balanced cat food, with premium meats (no by-products.) Available in Indoor Cat Formula, 6 oz. http://www.catfunstore.com/natural-balance-indoor-cat-formula-cat-food-pack-of-24-6-ounce-cans.html Platinum Tools 705AL-1 EZ-SnapJack Cat.5e Connector-Almond http://www.catfunstore.com/platinum-tools-705al-1-ez-snapjack-cat.html EZ-SnapJack is self-terminating and quickly installs for professional results in a snap. Never use a punch-down tool on your wall jacks again. This connector is intended for use with keystone style wall plates.Applications# Designed to fit industry standard wall plates# Commercial network installations, new or retrofit# Home automation installations, new or retrofit http://www.catfunstore.com/platinum-tools-705al-1-ez-snapjack-cat.html PUMA Women's PU101822002 Race Cat 3-Hand-Date Black Dial Watch http://www.catfunstore.com/puma-women-s-pu101822002-race-cat-3-hand-date-black-dial-watch.html This Puma watch is an excellent time piece the represents what Puma is all about. A solid stainless steel case and black leather band stitched with silver race stripes makes this watch look fast and great on anyone. Featuring a black dial with luminous hands, white and silver accents, Arabic numbers, and date display at the 3 o'clock marker. This watch is water resistant to 50 meters (165 feet). http://www.catfunstore.com/puma-women-s-pu101822002-race-cat-3-hand-date-black-dial-watch.html Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland Disney Movie Cheshire Cat Metal Lunchbox http://www.catfunstore.com/tim-burton-s-alice-in-wonderland-disney-movie-cheshire-cat-metal-lunchbox.html <BR>Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland Disney Movie Cheshire Cat Metal Lunchbox<BR><BR>BRAND NEW ITEM!<BR><BR>Officially Licensed<BR><BR>Printed and embossed graphics!<BR><BR>Size: 8" x 7" x 4"<BR> http://www.catfunstore.com/tim-burton-s-alice-in-wonderland-disney-movie-cheshire-cat-metal-lunchbox.html Offi MyPetLamp Siamese Cat Accent Lamp in Sky Blue http://www.catfunstore.com/offi-mypetlamp-siamese-cat-accent-lamp-in-sky-blue.html The playful MyPetLamp-Siamese from Offi is made of non-toxic, odorless plastic with a low voltage (12v) replaceable bulb that bathes a room in soft light. Available in six colors: Soft White, Mellow Yellow, Sky Blue, Sunset Orange, Hot Pink and Misty Green.<P>Rotationally molded plastic is non-toxic and odorless. Replaceable bulb is 12 volts, and available at hardware and general merchandise stores. Cord and adapter are UL approved for use in US households (110V, 50-60Hz power). Depth: 9.75" x Width: 8.75" x Height: 20.25" http://www.catfunstore.com/offi-mypetlamp-siamese-cat-accent-lamp-in-sky-blue.html Wellness Canned Cat Food for Adult Cats, Turkey Formula (Pack of 12 12.5 Ounce Cans) http://www.catfunstore.com/wellness-canned-cat-food-for-adult-cats-turkey-formula-pack-of-12-12.html Wellness Canned Turkey Formula is an excellent source of high quality protein, made with USDA turkey free of added growth hormones and steroids. We use turkey as our most plentiful ingredient because it is a flavorful, digestible protein source. This recipe also includes delicious sweet potatoes and carrots as an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene. Fresh, whole cranberries and blueberries are added to help maintain proper urinary tract health. http://www.catfunstore.com/wellness-canned-cat-food-for-adult-cats-turkey-formula-pack-of-12-12.html Brass Cats: Brass Music of Chris Hazell http://www.catfunstore.com/brass-cats-brass-music-of-chris-hazell.html Brass Cats: Brass Music of Chris Hazell http://www.catfunstore.com/brass-cats-brass-music-of-chris-hazell.html The Cat, Day 751 Doormat http://www.catfunstore.com/the-cat-day-751-doormat.html This indoor/outdoor doormat offers up a hysterical 'interactive greeting' for homes, offices and starter mansions. Made of 100% Olefin with bound stitched edges. Printed with color-fast ink for durability. http://www.catfunstore.com/the-cat-day-751-doormat.html Levi's Mens 559 Relaxed Straight Leg Jean http://www.catfunstore.com/levi-s-mens-559-relaxed-straight-leg-jean.html Levis 559 Relaxed Fit Jeans in Blue Frost http://www.catfunstore.com/levi-s-mens-559-relaxed-straight-leg-jean.html RiteAV - Cat5e Network Ethernet Cable - Blue - 50 ft. http://www.catfunstore.com/riteav-cat5e-network-ethernet-cable-blue-50-ft.html Used to Connect Computers, Switches, Routers, and other devices with Network Jacks. Made from High Grade Durable material. http://www.catfunstore.com/riteav-cat5e-network-ethernet-cable-blue-50-ft.html I Can Name 50 Trees Today!: All About Trees (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library) http://www.catfunstore.com/i-can-name-50-trees-today-all-about-trees-cat-in-the-hat-s-learning-library.html While stopping to admire some of the worlds most amazing trees, the Cat and Co. teach beginning readers how to identify different species from the shape of their crowns, leaves, lobes, seeds, bark, and fruit. Kids will learn about many trees common to North America. http://www.catfunstore.com/i-can-name-50-trees-today-all-about-trees-cat-in-the-hat-s-learning-library.html Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore http://www.catfunstore.com/cats-dogs-the-revenge-of-kitty-galore.html In the eternal battle between cats and dogs, one crazed feline has taken things a paw too far. Former elite agent Kitty Galore has gone rogue and plans to unleash a diabolical device designed to not only bring her canine enemies to heel but also to take down her former kitty comrades and make the world her scratching post. Faced with this dire threat, cats and dogs must work together for the first time ever to save themselves and their beloved humans from global cat-astrophe. This fantastically fun adventure features the voice talent of Christina Applegate, Michael Clarke Duncan, Neil Patrick Harris, Sean Hayes, James Marsden, Bette Midler and Nick Nolte and stars Chris O'Donnell and Jack McBrayer. http://www.catfunstore.com/cats-dogs-the-revenge-of-kitty-galore.html Puma Men's Tricot Cat Pant http://www.catfunstore.com/puma-men-s-tricot-cat-pant.html Pull on tricot track pant with contrast side panels http://www.catfunstore.com/puma-men-s-tricot-cat-pant.html Puma Apparel Mens Tricot Cat Pant http://www.catfunstore.com/puma-apparel-mens-tricot-cat-pant.html Pull on tricot track pant featuring large cat applique on left leg http://www.catfunstore.com/puma-apparel-mens-tricot-cat-pant.html Spatula w/ Cat-Tail Handle USA In Wild Cherry Wood Right-Handed - Jonathan's Spoons #IWC-RH http://www.catfunstore.com/spatula-w-cat-tail-handle-usa-in-wild-cherry-wood-right-handed-jonathan-s-spoons-iwc-rh.html This Spatula w/ Cat-Tail Handle USA In Wild Cherry Wood Right-Handed #IWCRH - Jonathan Spoons is a functional spoon with a little fun thrown in. This beautiful and ergonomic kitchen tool has a smooth edge that will not scratch non-stick surfaces. Designed Right-Handeded use. <br><br>Be kind to your wooden serving pieces and they will last a lifetime! We recommend that you clean them with a Scotchbrite pad using a gentle soap and warm water. Occasionally oil them when you want them to look their best - natural coconut oil or mineral oil work well. We do not recommend using a dishwasher for any wood, as the drying cycle dehydrates wood too rapidly and can cause it to crack, while cleaning agents may prematurely age the surface of the wood. <br><br>Handcrafted and made in the USA of the finest wild cherry and maple hardwoods. The photos do not do justice to the beauty of these custom made woodenware pieces. Each piece is exquisite and unique and will make a perfect gift for yourself or someone special. <br><br> Size: 12L Inches <--> Color: Wild Cherry Hardwood <--> Style: Cat-Tail http://www.catfunstore.com/spatula-w-cat-tail-handle-usa-in-wild-cherry-wood-right-handed-jonathan-s-spoons-iwc-rh.html Yamaha Easy Piano "Memory" From Cats Sheet/Diskette Pack XG Compatible http://www.catfunstore.com/yamaha-easy-piano-memory-from-cats-sheet-diskette-pack-xg-compatible.html This Sheet/3.5" Diskette Pack is made for the Yamaha Clavinova and Disklavier Products. (XG Compatible) Fully Orchestrated XG MIDI file and Sheet Music to the classic song "Memory." The Sheet Music is written for Easy Piano, Vocal and Guitar. http://www.catfunstore.com/yamaha-easy-piano-memory-from-cats-sheet-diskette-pack-xg-compatible.html INDIGO CATS Cat Laurel Burch Sequined SILK SCARF New Gift http://www.catfunstore.com/indigo-cats-cat-laurel-burch-sequined-silk-scarf-new-gift.html The Indigo Cats Cat Laurel Burch Designer Silk Scarf. This beautiful silk scarf measures 53 inches by 11 inches, and adds the perfect touch of whimsy to any outfit. A fantastic gift item for any occasion. http://www.catfunstore.com/indigo-cats-cat-laurel-burch-sequined-silk-scarf-new-gift.html Prologue: Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats http://www.catfunstore.com/prologue-jellicle-songs-for-jellicle-cats.html Prologue: Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats http://www.catfunstore.com/prologue-jellicle-songs-for-jellicle-cats.html Cat And Sofa Bead Fit Pandora Charm Bracelet http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-and-sofa-bead-fit-pandora-charm-bracelet.html Stay a step ahead the latest wave of European charm bead fashion jewelry. This exquisite beaded Pugster Cat And Sofa European charm bead dazzles with individual beauty. The humble charm and simple elegance of this European charm bead is an unforgettable and alluring piece of accessory. This interchangeable Pugster Cat And Sofa European Charm Bead is the perfect gift for any occasion. It is also a great addition to your European charm bead bracelet or necklace. Crafted and authenticated by Pugster, the Cat And Sofa European Charm Bead is available for both retail and wholesale purchase through our store. This bead fits Pandora/troll/chamilia Bracelet. http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-and-sofa-bead-fit-pandora-charm-bracelet.html Cat Shit One - THE ANIMATED SERIES (Episode 1) - Blu-ray English Edition http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-shit-one-the-animated-series-episode-1-blu-ray-english-edition.html In Addition to the Feature Film - Episode 1 (22 minutes),Several Bonus Features (75 minutes) are Also Included!<br><br>'Cat Shit One' (aka 'Apocalypse Meow') series is written by renowned war manga artist, Motofumi Kobayashi and published by SOFTBANK Creative corp (Japan).<br><br>DVD and Blu-ray are available on the Amazon.com site at the same time of YouTube Free Broadcast (limited locations and periods only).<br><br>As a bonus feature, we have also included commentaries on the action scenes by our tactical adviser, and interviews with the production staff.<br><br>The bonus features have the original language with English or Japanese subtitles. No voice over is available.<br><br><b>It contains mature content including graphic violence and language. Parental discretion is advised.<b/> http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-shit-one-the-animated-series-episode-1-blu-ray-english-edition.html Splat the Cat: Where's the Easter Bunny? http://www.catfunstore.com/splat-the-cat-where-s-the-easter-bunny.html <p> Easter is almost here! Splat has to tell the Easter Bunny what he wants most. A really big Easter egg, of course! </p> <p> But where <i>is</i> the Easter Bunny? Do you know? </p> http://www.catfunstore.com/splat-the-cat-where-s-the-easter-bunny.html A di Alessi Tigrito Cat Bowl, Grey http://www.catfunstore.com/a-di-alessi-tigrito-cat-bowl-grey.html After the "Lupita" dog bowl (2002) comes the inevitable cat bowl. Indeed, "Tigrito" was strongly requested by the lovers of the other half of the pet world. The same designer and the same delicately playful approach, adding a new item to the new collection of articles dedicated to our animal friends. As in previous cases, part of the proceeds from the sale of the "Tigrito" bowl will be given to an organisation for the protection of animals, in this case "GAIA Animali e Ambiente" (GAIA Animals and Environment). http://www.catfunstore.com/a-di-alessi-tigrito-cat-bowl-grey.html Multimedia Cats http://www.catfunstore.com/multimedia-cats.html Works with PC or Macintosh. PC requirements--386 CPU or higher, super VGA, 4MB or RAM, CD-ROM Drive, Windows 3.1 or higher. Macintosh requirements--256 color display, 4MB of free RAM, CD-ROM Drive, system 6.07 or higher. http://www.catfunstore.com/multimedia-cats.html Danelectro DC-1 Cool Cat Effects Pedal http://www.catfunstore.com/danelectro-dc-1-cool-cat-effects-pedal.html Sure, it loooks cool, and it's incredibly easy to use: 2 knobs: Speed (rate) and Chill (depth), but most importantly, the Cool Cat Electric Guitar Effects Pedal is capable of the most amazing chorus. A smooth gliding stereo (or mono) swirl that makes your guitar sound huge. http://www.catfunstore.com/danelectro-dc-1-cool-cat-effects-pedal.html Pedro Paramo (Black Cat Books) http://www.catfunstore.com/pedro-paramo-black-cat-books.html Deserted villages of rural Mexico, where images and memories of the past linger like unquiet ghosts, haunted the imaginations of two artists--writer Juan Rulfo and photographer Josephine Sacabo. In one such village of the mind, Comala, Rulfo set his classic novel Pedro Pramo, a dream-like tale that intertwines a man's quest to find his lost father and reclaim his patrimony with the father's obsessive love for a woman who will not be possessed--Susana San Juan. Recognizing that "Rulfo was describing a world I already knew" and feeling "a very personal response, particularly to Susana San Juan and her dilemma," Josephine Sacabo used Rulfo's novel as the starting point for a series of evocative photographs she calls "The Unreachable World of Susana San Juan: Homage to Juan Rulfo." This volume brings together Rulfo's novel and Sacabo's photographs to offer a dual artistic vision of the same unforgettable story. Margaret Sayers Peden's superb translation renders the novel as poetic and mysterious in English as it is in Spanish. Josephine Sacabo's photographs tell, in her words, "the story of a woman forced to take refuge in madness as a means of protecting her inner world from the ravages of the forces around her: a cruel and tyrannical patriarchy, a church that offers no redemption, the senseless violence of revolution, death itself." http://www.catfunstore.com/pedro-paramo-black-cat-books.html PUMA Kids' Future Cat Remix SF Crib Shoe,White/Black/Rosso Corsa,3 M US Infant http://www.catfunstore.com/puma-kids-future-cat-remix-sf-crib-shoe-white-black-rosso-corsa-3-m-us-infant.html <ul> <li>Step into the style of the future with the Future Cat Remix SF LW Crib!</li> <li>Durable synthetic upper features racing stripe detail.</li> <li>Ferarri logos and PUMA logos to show off the pinnacle of style.</li> <li>Wide hook-and-loop strap for a secure fit and easy on and off.</li> <li>Smooth textile lining for all-day wearability.</li> <li>Removable sockliner has Kinder-Fit technology to find the proper fit. </li> <li>Textile outsole with non-slip screen print keeps your kiddo safe.</li> <li>1.00 oz.</li> <li>Product measurements were taken using size 3 Infant. Please note that measurements may vary by size.</li> </ul> http://www.catfunstore.com/puma-kids-future-cat-remix-sf-crib-shoe-white-black-rosso-corsa-3-m-us-infant.html Cat & The Fiddle [VHS] http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-the-fiddle-vhs.html Cat & The Fiddle [VHS] http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-the-fiddle-vhs.html Bruder Mercedes-Benz Actors Low Loader Truck with CAT Excavator Combo http://www.catfunstore.com/bruder-mercedes-benz-actors-low-loader-truck-with-cat-excavator-combo.html The MB Actors Low Loader Truck with CAT Excavator is the perfect combination! The Mercedes Benz Actros Low Loader Truck has a tipping driver's cab that gives you a view of the engine. It has a fifth wheel clutch, a supporting bar that can be folded, and folding ramps locked by bars that can be unhooked. The Mercedes Benz Low Loader has an adjustable locking device, and removable drop sides. This very realistic Low Loader also has soft rubber tread tires.The CATERPILLAR Excavator is an exact replica of the original and can be operated by children on their own, by means of a child's hand size handle on the main excavator rig that is easy to use. The excavator function was further developed to create an all-time first by creating a function that slows down the tipping out function when the shovel is being emptied, so that complete unloading can only be guaranteed at the same height as the tipper. Furthermore the excavator arm can be used way beneath grade level and the shovel can also be removed. A special feature is the fact that the treads are equipped with genuine chain links. The vehicle can be fitted with the supplied rubber fittings so that the treads can run on slippery surfaces. The bonnet can be opened and the realistic ventilator grill emphasizes the high quality detail. http://www.catfunstore.com/bruder-mercedes-benz-actors-low-loader-truck-with-cat-excavator-combo.html 2.625" High Kitty Cat Themed Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers Set http://www.catfunstore.com/2.html 2.625" High Kitty Cat Themed Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers Set http://www.catfunstore.com/2.html LP - 1162 Cat Lover License Plate - 2702 http://www.catfunstore.com/lp-1162-cat-lover-license-plate-2702.html Smart Blonde is one of the largest factory-direct distributors of novelty aluminum signs and license plates in the U.S. and we are manufacturers too. Every item we carry is of the utmost highest quality aluminum metal because we believe it absolutely matters! We have compared plastic and the super heavy weight steel (3 lbs each) signs and license plates as well as the very ultra thin lightweight aluminum embossed and non-embossed signs. Our conclusion was simple: Plastic was really just ok steel was way too heavy to ship and stock and the ultra lightweight aluminum... well they just bend like a piece of paper. LP-1162 Cat Lover License Plate - Size: 6"x12" http://www.catfunstore.com/lp-1162-cat-lover-license-plate-2702.html Cat Toy Chest and Hamper http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-toy-chest-and-hamper.html Cat Toy Chest and Hamper http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-toy-chest-and-hamper.html CAT5 Stripper Tool http://www.catfunstore.com/cat5-stripper-tool.html Self-adjusting wire stripping/cutting tool with a precise rotary action design for clean cuts. Enclosed blade and rounded tool body ensures safe operation. Patented stripping design ensures conductor will not be damaged. http://www.catfunstore.com/cat5-stripper-tool.html Category 6 Cat6 Network Ethernet Cable Coupler - White - connects two network cables together to extend their distance. http://www.catfunstore.com/category-6-cat6-network-ethernet-cable-coupler-white-connects-two-network-cables-together-to-extend-their-distance.html The shipping of this item is per item. http://www.catfunstore.com/category-6-cat6-network-ethernet-cable-coupler-white-connects-two-network-cables-together-to-extend-their-distance.html CAT 5E (350MHZ-RATED) PATCH CABLE (8IN) http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-5e-350mhz-rated-patch-cable-8in.html Connect network components in a structured wiring distribution enclosure with ease. The Cat. 5e (350 MHz-Rated) Patch Cable is an 8-inch stranded patch cable ideal for connecting modules in such close environments. Each cable features a high-quality RG-45 plug with gold plated contacts for maximum signal transfer. When used in a home distribution panel, all the wires overlapping each other can sometimes get snagged upon removal. When a regular cable's RJ-45 clip gets caught on other wires, it can easily break off when removed from the cabinet. The Cat. 5e (350 MHz-Rated) Patch Cable features molded boot fittings, which not only adds strain relief to the cable but also covers the clip, allowing the cable to be removed from these sometimes-cluttered places with ease. This feature makes these cables ideal for networking and home automation use. This patch cord accommodates both T568A and T568B wiring applications and can be used for all types of networking, voice, and even video applications (using baluns, sold separately). It is approved for use with10Base-T, 100Base-T, 1000Base-T, and Token Ring-type 3 network cards and hubs. The Cat. 5e (350 MHz-Rated) Patch Cable is fully compliant with the Cat. 5e specification and exceeds the requirements of Ethernet IEEE 802.3ab and Token Ring UTP IEEE 205.5. While this cable is made to handle data rates up to 1 gigabit per second, it will easily handle slower data rates and is excellent for voice usage. Need a longer cable? 24-inch and 36-inch cables are also available and sold separately. http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-5e-350mhz-rated-patch-cable-8in.html Duranimals DuraScoop Cat Litter Scoop http://www.catfunstore.com/duranimals-durascoop-cat-litter-scoop.html It enables you to easily remove large clumps and clean the litter box vigorously (really scrape the sides and bottom). And it makes a nasty job less nasty! In fact, it should be considered a "sifting shovel" rather than a litter scoop, since that's what it is a light weight hand shovel with slots. <br> <br> Light Weight. <br>In spite of its large size, the DuraScoop weighs a mere 10 ounces about the same as an average aluminum garden trowel. <br> <br>Large Capacity Blade. <br>The DuraScoop Original's shovel-like blade is big enough (5-1/2" W x 6" L x 1-3/4" D) to handle your largest clumps. Yet it accounts for less than half of the tool's total weight, creating a perfectly balanced feel in your hand with no strain on the wrist. <br> <br> Ergonomic Handle. (8" L) The DuraScoop's long handle keeps your hand up and out of the soiled litter. And its soft, textured grip makes it comfortable to hold. <br> <br>Other Uses for the DuraScoop... <br> <br>Well, if you thought the DuraScoop was just a cat litter scoop, think again! On the beach the DuraScoop is great for sifting sea shells from dry sand or as the ideal beach shovel for digging in wet sand. May also be useful to treasure hunters. In the garden the DuraScoop is great for sifting out medium and small rocks from dry, tilled soil. And thanks to it's 90 degree corners and flat-edged blade, it also works like both a garden trowel and a hand-held hoe. At the front door the DuraScoop can be used to clean out commercial and outdoor ashtrays, separating butts from sand. http://www.catfunstore.com/duranimals-durascoop-cat-litter-scoop.html Liquid Fence 129 Dog and Cat Repellent, 1-Quart Ready to Use http://www.catfunstore.com/liquid-fence-129-dog-and-cat-repellent-1-quart-ready-to-use.html Liquid Fence Dog and Cat Repellent keeps pets and strays away from areas they don't belong lawns, flower beds and garden areas. Trees, shrubs and trash containers become spots to avoid not visit. Use it as a safe and effective training aid. Made from all natural plant oils, it's biodegradable and earth friendly. http://www.catfunstore.com/liquid-fence-129-dog-and-cat-repellent-1-quart-ready-to-use.html Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus Chewable Tablets For Dogs and Cats, 60 Tablets http://www.catfunstore.com/pala-tech-cranberry-plus-chewable-tablets-for-dogs-and-cats-60-tablets.html Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus Chewable Tablets is a natural dietary supplement for use in dogs and cats containing ingredients known to be beneficial for the animal's urinary tract and to help prevent infection of the urogenital system. http://www.catfunstore.com/pala-tech-cranberry-plus-chewable-tablets-for-dogs-and-cats-60-tablets.html Fat Cat Tucson Billiard Table http://www.catfunstore.com/fat-cat-tucson-billiard-table.html Modernize your game room with the Tucson billiard table. The distinctive blue polyester cloth and arcade style design make this table one of a kind. Includes a ball return which allows you to play as if you were in a pool league, but in the comfort of your own home. Accessories included. http://www.catfunstore.com/fat-cat-tucson-billiard-table.html Kotobuki 2-Tiered Bento Box, Black/Red Ma Cherie Cat http://www.catfunstore.com/kotobuki-2-tiered-bento-box-black-red-ma-cherie-cat.html Kotobuki bento are Japanese style lunch boxes. The stacking two tiers keep foods and flavors separate and the top tier has a press on lid to prevent spills. Includes an elastic band to hold the tiers together. Durable, attractive, and easy to clean. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Made in Japan. Black with cat (-inch Ma Cherie-inch ) design. 5-3/4-inch L by 4-1/8-inch W by 3-1/8-inch H. http://www.catfunstore.com/kotobuki-2-tiered-bento-box-black-red-ma-cherie-cat.html 1 Ft Ethernet Network Patch Cable Cord Rj45 Cat5e Red for Internet Routers and Gaming http://www.catfunstore.com/1-ft-ethernet-network-patch-cable-cord-rj45-cat5e-red-for-internet-routers-and-gaming.html Today's advanced fast ethernet and gigabit computer networks require Enhanced Category 5 high-speed cabling to distribute data, voice and video. These enhanced Cat5 350Mhz Patch Cables will keep you ahead of the game. These cables will handle bandwidth intensive applications up to 350 Mhz and beyond. Meets all Cat 5e TIA/EIA standards, and drastically reduce both impedance and structural return loss (SRL) as compared to standard 100 Mhz wire! This is accomplished by bonding together each of the individual pairs, helping to maintain the twist-spacing throughout the line right up to your termination point. Constructed with high-quality wire and a shortened body plug will keep Near-end Crosstalk levels to a minimum. Generic version. Non-Booted Cable http://www.catfunstore.com/1-ft-ethernet-network-patch-cable-cord-rj45-cat5e-red-for-internet-routers-and-gaming.html B & A Computer RJ45/BNC Cat 6/Cat 5e/Cat 5 Computer LAN Cable Tester http://www.catfunstore.com/b-a-computer-rj45-bnc-cat-6-cat-5e-cat-5-computer-lan-cable-tester.html Cable tester for RJ-45 and BNC. With on/off switch to conserve battery power. Uses one standard 9 Volt battery (not included). http://www.catfunstore.com/b-a-computer-rj45-bnc-cat-6-cat-5e-cat-5-computer-lan-cable-tester.html CAT Pump Pressure Washer Pump Oil http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-pump-pressure-washer-pump-oil.html CAT Pump Pressure Washer Pump Oil http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-pump-pressure-washer-pump-oil.html Novartis Capstar Flea Treatment Blue Tabs for Dogs and Cats http://www.catfunstore.com/novartis-capstar-flea-treatment-blue-tabs-for-dogs-and-cats.html The fleas on the pet are in the adult stage. An adult, female flea, living on a pet, can lay up to 2,000 eggs in her lifetime. With CAPSTAR (nitenpyram), almost all adult fleas will die within 4 hours for dogs and 6 hours for cats. http://www.catfunstore.com/novartis-capstar-flea-treatment-blue-tabs-for-dogs-and-cats.html Cat Stevens Greatest Hits - Guitar TAB - Book http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-stevens-greatest-hits-guitar-tab-book.html Includes standard notation and tab for a dozen top hits from Cat Stevens: Father and Son * Head Headed Woman * How Can I Tell You * If I Laugh * Katmandu * Longer Boats * Moonshadow * On the Road to Find Out * Peace Train * Where Do the Children Play? * Wild World * The Wind. http://www.catfunstore.com/cat-stevens-greatest-hits-guitar-tab-book.html Garfield The Cat "I Only Look Harmless" Collectible Coffee Mug With Gift Box http://www.catfunstore.com/garfield-the-cat-i-only-look-harmless-collectible-coffee-mug-with-gift-box.html Don't be fooled by this sarcastic kitty's grin http://www.catfunstore.com/garfield-the-cat-i-only-look-harmless-collectible-coffee-mug-with-gift-box.html Stray Cat Strut (2000 Digital Remaster) http://www.catfunstore.com/stray-cat-strut-2000-digital-remaster.html Stray Cat Strut (2000 Digital Remaster) http://www.catfunstore.com/stray-cat-strut-2000-digital-remaster.html Daphnes Animal Woods Headcovers http://www.catfunstore.com/daphnes-animal-woods-headcovers.html Daphnes Animal Headcovers...It's Not Just A Game; It's A Jungle Out There! These headcovers are designed to protect your clubs and are graphite-friendly. Each animal is fully lined and elasticized to ensure a secure fit. Daphnes Animal Woods Headcovers feature: Protects clubs from nicks and abrasions Animal headcovers are meticulously detailed Eyes and noses custom made in Italy Fur is made to exact specifications Fully lined and elasticized with extra-thick padding Guaranteed for life Fits 400cc - 500cc clubs (fairways and drivers) Models: Alligator Basset Hound Black Lab Boar Border Collie Boxer Buffalo Bullfrog Butterfly Calico Cat Cardinal Chimpanzee Chocolate Lab Clover Cougar Dachshund Daisy Donkey Dragon Eagle Elephant Golden Retriever Gopher Gorilla Great Dane Grey Tabby Cat Hawk Horse Leopard Lion Lobster Mallard Moose Parrot Pug Shark Shih Tzu Squirrel Tasmanian Devil Tiger Tulip Turtle Wolf Yorkshire Terrier Welcome To The Jungle! http://www.catfunstore.com/daphnes-animal-woods-headcovers.html